The Imperial Crypt


Vienna - Neuer Markt 1760 - The Imperial Crypt

The Imperial Crypt

The Imperial Crypt in the Capuchin Church is situated in the centre of Vienna (Neuer Markt) and was founded by Anna, the wife of the Emperor Matthias, in 1618.

A Capuchin monastery was established, together with the Imperial Crypt, within the city walls of Vienna. The Capuchin monks were given the privilege of ‘custodians of the tomb’ a position they still hold to the present day.

The laying of the foundation stone took place on the 8th September 1622. The church and vault was completed in 1633 and is now the last resting place for the majority of the Imperial family.


The Capuchin Church

The Habsburgs were placed to rest in three different churches:

Their hearts are kept in the ‘Heart Chamber’ of the Loretto Chapel of the Augustine Church, the intestines are in St. Stephan's Cathedral and the bodies were embalmed and then placed to rest in the Imperial Crypt of the Capuchin Church.